Mission & Vision

Region 2 WIB is dedicated to raising the educational and basic skill levels of the emerging and existing workforce that provides more efficient, effective and productive pool of current and future employees to meet area business needs.


A skilled workforce that enables our economy to expand and individuals to be self-sufficient through an integrated system.


The Region 2 Workforce Investment Board will forecast, fulfill and monitor the education and skill needs of employers and individuals in order to meet the needs of both sets of customers. We will:

  • Reduce or eliminate the barriers to economic development and barriers that separate skilled and unskilled workers.
  • Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of customer links to resources.
  • Monitor and provide incentives to system participants to encourage continuous improvements and to meet/exceed state performance goals.
  • Coordinate and integrate training, education and economic development systems to meet community and employment needs.

Strategic Goal

Raise the education and skill levels of all segments of the workforce by:

  • Improving education system outcomes
  • Increasing economic development/ workforce development collaboration
  • Reducing cultural barriers that impede labor force participation
  • Creating career ladders for incumbent workers