Youth Resources

The Region 2 WORKFORCE Investment Board provides services for the youth of the area through two primary venues, in-school youth and out-of-school youth. Both services are designed to assist the youth of our region to prepare for a productive career through various beneficial training and educational initiatives.

To learn more about these services, click on any of the links to the left, call us at 1-800-252-JOBS (1-866-262-5348) or email us at

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Youth Services

The In-School Youth Services allows the youth in our region the opportunity to prepare for and train for productive careers while successfully completing their high school education. Youth throughout the region participate in a number of services such as:

  • adult mentoring
  • tutoring
  • summer employment opportunities
  • paid/unpaid work experience
  • comprehensive guidance and counseling
  • alternative school services
  • occupational training
  • leadership development opportunities
  • follow-up services
  • supportive services

The In-School Youth Services are offered by the Region 2 WORKFORCE Investment Board through their educational partners in each county. For more information, visit the Human Resource Development Foundation website.

Out of School

Youth who have quit school, youth that are reading or performing math below an 8th grade level, or unemployed or underemployed youth may participate in the Out-of-School Youth Services, which focuses on assisting them in attaining their GED, linking them to post-secondary educational and training opportunities, and helping them find employment. The Out-of-School Youth Services are offered by the Region 2 WORKFORCE Investment Board through their partners in each county. For more information, visit the Human Resource Development Foundation website.

Youth Service Providers

Each county within Region 2 provides services for in-school and out-of-school youth. Please refer to the Human Resource Development Foundation website for more information or contact Melissa Bias at

WIOA Youth Eligibility Requirements

In accordance with the WORKFORCE Innovation and Opportunity Act, an eligible youth is defined as an individual who at the time of application is, and has been verified by the local WORKFORCE West Virginia Center to be:

  1. Between the ages of 14-21 and
  2. Low income as defined in the WIOA Section 101 (25); and
  3. With one or more of the following six serious barriers to employment
    1. A school dropout
    2. Deficient in basic skills as defined by WIOA at or below a grade level of 8.9 or who is unable to compute or solve problems, read, write or speak English at a level necessary to function on the job, in a family, or in society.
    3. Pregnant or parenting
    4. Homeless, runaway or foster child
    5. An offender
    6. Individual (including a youth with a disability) who requires additional assistance to complete an educational program or hold or secure employment.
  4. A United States citizen or eligible non-citizen; and if
  5. A male has reached his eighteenth birthday, is registered with Selective Service.

Downloadable Forms:

Youth Eligibility Packet

Region 2 WIB Youth Council Members

  • Tia Welch - Region 2 Youth Chair, Charleston Job Corp
  • Melissa Bias - Youth Coordinator, OSY/Excel Supervisor, Region 2 WIB
  • Claude Jake Hunt - Executive Director, Region 2 WIB
  • Tabetha Marcum - Program Coordinator, Human Resource Development Foundation
  • Michelle Woodall - Human Resource Development Council 
  • Steve Cline - Human Resource Development Council 
  • Sheila Reynolds - Quality Manager, R2WIB
  • Heather Adkins - Division of Rehabilitation Services
  • Tim White - Prestera
  • Virginia Sellers - Catholic Charities
  • Ed Davis - United Way of the River Cities
  • Bill O'Dell - Regional Director, Family Resource Network
  • Amy Thompson - KVC West Virginia
  • Andy Radcliffe - WV Department of Health and Human Resources
  • Scott Isaacs - Excel Job Developer, R2WIB
  • Rachel Bowman - Workforce West Virginia
  • David Mowry, Human Resource Development Foundation
  • Steve Brown - Dean, Career & Technical Division, Mountwest Community & Technical College
  • Julie Timmermeyer - WV Division of Juvenile Services
  • Michael Jones - Senior Program Manager, KISRA
  • Jack Welton - R2WIB; Former Assistant Superintendent, Putnam County Schools  


WORKFORCE West Virginia

  • West Virginia Employment Service: Activities authorized under Chapter 41 of Title 38, U.S.C (local veterans’ employment representatives and disabled veterans outreach programs), Employment Service (Wagner-Peyser, Unemployment Compensation and Workforce Investment Act of 1998 as amended, Section 309).
  • Other entities under this agency that provide employment and training activities or supportive services.

Bureau of Senior Services

  • State Unit on Aging (Title V of the Older Americans Act).

Council for Community and Technical College Education
Department of Education

  • West Virginia Department of Education (Adult Education and Literacy Activities and Postsecondary Vocational Education)
  • Office of Institutional Educational Programs (OIEP)

Department of Education and the Arts

  • Division of Rehabilitation Services (Title I of the Rehabilitation Act)

Health and Human Resources

  • Bureau of Children and Families
  • Temporary Asisstance for Needy Families (Personal Responsibilities and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996)
  • Food Stamp Employment & Training, United States Department of Agriculture (Farm Security & Rural Investment Act of 2002).

Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety

  • Division of Corrections

Development Office

  • Community Development Division (Community Services Block Grant Act)
  • BID (Business Industry Development) Representatives